Flash Fiction Friday: Reading the Bones

I really enjoyed the 100 word challenge on Madison’s blog a couple of weeks ago. For that I produced a story about mushroom love – and hate. It worked out far better than I thought it would. Inspiration hit at the right moment, and I made it into three sets of 100 words, which rounded off a neat piece of very short fiction.

Normally, you see, I write extremely long stories, which can psyche me out slightly.

Sadly I didn’t get around to trying last week’s challenge, but I am submitting my 100 words quite early this time. It feels great! I’m hoping that these short challenges will become severely habit-forming as  they are a perfect mental break from working on longer pieces. I find it refreshing to do them and it’s enormous fun to read other people’s interpretations of the same image or writing prompt.

I love the way a complete story can be cribbed from such a concise number of words. If you like them can depend on how much you like open-ended narratives, although I personally prefer some resolution.

This is Madison’s entry for this week, Grave Digger. It’s great, so do take a look and  leave lovely comments there as well.

My own 100 words really feels like the opener for something much bigger. I’ve stuck to 100 words this time but I find it fascinating how the mind comes up with narrative – and restrictions (self-imposed or otherwise) often only aid this sort of creativity.

Anyway, please check it out below. I hope you like it. I’m looking forward to reading what you make of ‘Reading the Bones’:

Reading the Bones

Rattling the cup in her hands, the young seer tipped the cluster of ancient bones out onto the rock’s flattest surface and traced their outlines briskly with her fingertips.

“Very interesting,” she said. “It says that you are destined for great and amazing triumphs. That the world will bow at your feet. That the changes you wreak will be felt for eons to come. Your name will go down in history. And, also, something incredibly strange.”

“Strange how?” the witch’s guest enquired nervously.

“Well, according to this – these are your bones.”

The young otter looked at her in astonishment.

Flash Fiction Friday: Reading the Bones

Almost finished….

Feeling pretty good about the ‘Sleepers Under the Sand’ story. It’s got sand, sex and scary shit. It’s short. So short. But I’m about to complete it. That means a lot.

I’m determined that this won’t be one of those writing blogs about a writer who never actually writes anything and spends hours moaning about not being able to write. Not that there won’t be a bit of that. Like, 30%, tops.

I think the process of it is quite interesting, but I know full well what I’d rather read. Stories, not excuses. Narrative, not boring old real life.

Anyway, I’m hoping to have it posted in the next day or two. Just want to get it right. But the story is nearly done. Is examining it good or bad? Being too conscious of the process can really kill a story. But if you don’t do that at least a bit, you could be the literary equivalent of a heedless X-Factor contestant. Shudder.

So, stay tuned. ‘Sleeper Under the Sand’ is coming soon…

Almost finished….