750ish words: ‘Animal’s Theory about the guy next door’

Consistent writing does take the fear out of the process, the crippling perfectionism that can kill a first draft, let alone the minowwing idea that promises to grow into tasty words and yummy stories. So before I kill that metaphor entirely…here’s a quick story, minnow sized actually, written in 20 minutes on one of the most inspirational writing sites out there – 750words.com.  The site tracks you keeping up writing at least 750 words a day, and it’s a good way to break through any starting nerves, any hesitation can be fought through and replaced with sweetly random connections coming together. Or, you know, a rant about how mad, irrational and crappy you’re feeling at that particular moment. Lately I’ve been doing the fiction more than the internal angst, though that’s still there. Weirdly, it’s easier to fill the 750 words remit by writing a story, than by rolling around inside your brain. Most of the time, anyway.

So, below is a rough idea taken from a random verbal prompt of: Animal, Florida, Chinchilla. To the suggester, you know who you are, and thank you. It was also loosely inspired by this quote that a fantasy writing prompt tumblr account mentioned. But as it’s something of a spoiler, I’ll quote it at the very end. So, here’s the very brief reaction to the prompt:

Animal’s theory about the guy next door

Florida roiled in oily heat. Stars above shimmered in the haze. My pal, animal, fed his pet chinchilla a fat grape and cracked open his fifth beer with me and Margaret.

“Do either of you know,” he started, wiping sweat from his brow, He was so watery I was a little amazed his shoulder tattoo didn’t run. “How many of us are currently being eaten by the monsters we think are merely imaginary?”

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750ish words: ‘Animal’s Theory about the guy next door’

Almost finished….

Feeling pretty good about the ‘Sleepers Under the Sand’ story. It’s got sand, sex and scary shit. It’s short. So short. But I’m about to complete it. That means a lot.

I’m determined that this won’t be one of those writing blogs about a writer who never actually writes anything and spends hours moaning about not being able to write. Not that there won’t be a bit of that. Like, 30%, tops.

I think the process of it is quite interesting, but I know full well what I’d rather read. Stories, not excuses. Narrative, not boring old real life.

Anyway, I’m hoping to have it posted in the next day or two. Just want to get it right. But the story is nearly done. Is examining it good or bad? Being too conscious of the process can really kill a story. But if you don’t do that at least a bit, you could be the literary equivalent of a heedless X-Factor contestant. Shudder.

So, stay tuned. ‘Sleeper Under the Sand’ is coming soon…

Almost finished….