Flash Fiction Friday: Cellar Wall

Cellar Wall (from Madison Woods)

Cellar Wall

They’re coming for me.  Tripping over a calico tom, I fell hard down the stairs. Luckily the cellar door swung shut. Now I cannot move, or cry out; can’t do anything except watch dirt fall away from stone. I hear their paws scrabble eagerly at loosening soil, and a steady purring. The soft sound of cats. I didn’t know about Ulthar’s rule when I moved here, and didn’t mean to kill that kitten under my heel as it demanded milk. Now I see a whisker. An ear. Bared teeth. The Ulthar cats are through the wall, and they are hungry.


Another one for H P Lovecraft fans. Check out the story that inspired it here. Maybe one week my 100 words will be less gruesome, but not this time! I feel that there’s a bit more dread this time round. However, it’s ultimately hard to feel much sympathy for a kitten killer, even if it was ‘by accident’.

Original photo prompt is here on Madison Wood’s site.

Here’s Madison’s own entry for this week – Cellar Walls.

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Flash Fiction Friday: Cellar Wall