Flash Fiction Friday: Bloody Jewels

It’s that time again. I don’t know if almost three weeks almost in a row counts as a habit, but it can’t hurt. I think this is going pretty well. I was overwhelmed by the positive responses to ‘Reading the Bones’ last week, I had an unprecedented number of hits which I’m very pleased by.

So first, thank you Madison Woods!

Secondly, make sure you check out her story for this week, and all the others if you can (there will probably be lots!).

Thirdly, this time I will make sure I respond more thoroughly to everyone and check out all the others. I’m really excited to see how these Flash Fiction Fridays are catching on! Everyone who responds with feedback, or a like, or who even reads the thing, thank you!

My response this Friday has gone a bit Tales from the Crypt with a dash of…well, that would be spoiling it. See what you think. Also, the comments button is tucked away at the top of the post. I really must get this site rebooted. Still, early days.

I hope you enjoy the story!

Bloody Jewels

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'Jewels' by Madison Woods
“Where are the real jewels, lady?” the thief snarled.

“You shot my husband,” she said, the carpet beneath the corpse turning ruby red.

“Tell me where they are!” He pressed the gun barrel hard against her forehead. Her emerald eyes blazed up at him.

“All right,” she said coldly, “Herbert, tell him where they are.”

“Under…the…fireplace…” A voice rattled.

The thief jerked round and something touched his foot. The hungry corpse immediately gnawed through his knee. The thief screamed and Mrs West kicked him backwards. She smiled. It was a long time since Herbert had enjoyed a good feed.

Flash Fiction Friday: Bloody Jewels