About Joanna K Neilson

‘Create or go mad’ – OK, this is a little melodramatic, but I have found over and over again that if I’m not writing, drawing or doing something that uses imagination and responding to the thoughts popping up in my head, then something akin to a mental perfect storm occurs. It’s not pretty. It was definitely time to branch out. Create blogs and USE them again.

On this main blog I hope to share and shamelessly publicise my writing work, which has ranged from getting published in the Hampshire Chronicle (2005-2007), interviewing professional TV and film actors (Shane Rimmer and Matt Zimmerman) and being published regularly in newsletters such as ‘Newsflash’ based around Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds TV show, where I do bi-monthly episode reviews, and features.

I also have professional book and story writing projects in the works. This was kickstarted again by NanoWriMo, which is a challenge to complete 50,000 wordsof a story for your own personal satisfaction. I managed to do this in 2007 and I am very happy to find I completed it much earlier in the month this year. The 50,000 words from 2011 are a bit garbled and definitely not ready for public appraisal, but I think it has enormous potential and the sheer impetus created by writing more of it every day for the Nano stat counter gave me a real boost. It also ironed out a few ideas that means it will fit into a longer series of books.

Basically, I want to have at least one book done by the middle of next year, although I am aiming for something sooner than that.

My other project is to write 10,000 word stories inspired by the titles of all the Cowboy Bebop episodes. Because that seems as good a jumping-off point as any. The first one, ‘Asteroid Blues’, is nearing completion.I’m feeling a healthy amount of energy and expansion around me at the moment. There is a lot of potential in the air and I feel very positive about writing being something I can focus on and build upon. Writing is enormous fun, after all, but it’s scary how fast it can slip down the priority list.

To counter this, I’ve ditched the LoveFilm subscription and we no longer have live television in the house, finding that the Playstation 3 gives us access to more than enough viewing material. I learned a valuable lesson over the last six years – if you ever want to read or write again, burn your Sky subscription. Oh, and read like crazy. Stephen King’s absolutely right about this. Having time to do it helps, and at the moment I really have that, and I need to take much more advantage of it.


6 thoughts on “About Joanna K Neilson

  1. Hi – thanks for stopping by my blog. I also do Nanowrimo each year (well, I try to – this year I manage 40 000 words). It’s a great kickstart. I know what you mean about writing falling to the bottom of the list; it’s a challenge.
    Good luck with your writing.


  2. Dear Joanna,

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for following my blog. (I don’t post too often so visiting should not dampen your creative fire.) You sound as though you’re on track for further success. Ditching the Sky subscription was a good move.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.




  3. When our children were small, we got rid of the TV for about four years. It was the best thing we ever did. During the Christmas season, we borrowed Mom and Dad’s portable TV so they could see the Christmas specials. Now the children are grown and neither has let the TV instill its glowing face strongly into their household. That thing is addictive! It deadens the mind and slays creativity. Deb http://www.deborahowen.wordpress.com


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