Friday Fictioneer: When Ben Burned Down the Bandstand

A strangely psychotic piece this week – think it was partly prompted and crystalised by everyone’s shock, including my own, at the hideous air crash where the pilot apparently very calmly flew himself and 150 other people into a mountain – for no good reason (all will probably be revealed, I suppose). Still, fucking unbearable to think about. Shudder.

This act of senseless brutality freaked me out and filtered its way into my story, though it’s also still inspired by the band picture. Apologies to the band people btw 😉 At least this guy has a clear motive for his dreadful actions, however dreadfully weak.


Friday Fictioneer
By Dave Stewart

Bandstand Burn

When Ben burned down the bandstand, he didn’t seem the chap. He’d always been a nice guy,  we’d never heard him snap. But his one true love was music, and he had longed to play. But talent at it he had none, and the band drove him away. We saw him sulking in the park, although he waved and smiled. A light had gone behind his eyes, his grin it scared my child. We don’t know where he found the fuel, but he waited til the fayre. Then one match, poof, and up it went, and discord burned the air.


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Friday Fictioneer: When Ben Burned Down the Bandstand

20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer: When Ben Burned Down the Bandstand

  1. “A strangely psychotic piece this week …”

    That kind of intro always gets my attention! 😛

    Very cool! Made me think of Bonnie Parker’s poem: “You’ve read the story of Jesse James
    of how he lived and died. If you’re still in need; of something to read, here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde. …”


    1. Thank you! What a great poem to bring up, I feel like I heard it somewhere once but had forgotten all about it. I imagine we absorb more influences than we can count. Either way, it’s usually far better to create than to destroy. 🙂


  2. Dear Joanna,

    Timely and true portrait of the outcast misfit showing the world…. We’re all lunatics in some way, shape or form, but most of us hold it together somehow. Very well done.




    1. Hi Doug, thank you. It felt I had to react to it in some way, and this is how it came out. It highlighted the self-fulfilling prophecy of those who give the true freethinkers, and other times simply troubled individuals, a very bad name. You dont have to be mad to write here, but sometimes it’s the only way to cope…thanks again for reading.


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