Monster Mondays: Gmork (Neverending Story 1984)

Monster Monday focuses on the scurge of Fantasia, the terrifying wolf ‘Gmork’ from the Neverending Story!

The Haunted Eyeball

We at the Eyeball strongly believe that the films we watch as children can scar us for life. Now, The Neverending Story (1984) is a case in point. Made in the less patronising end of the early 1980s, when little was sugar-coated, it has plenty of cool monsters to choose from, but one in particular stands-out for its nightmare inducing moments. 


For instance, the events in Fantasia open with the weird group of hobgoblin, racing snail, and a rock giant – who are actually quite sweet, but their demise later on is heart-breaking. Then the horse drowns in a swamp. Graphically. Then a creepy turtle the size of a hill maliciously sneezes the heroic Atreyu into the disgustingly sticky swamp, and coats him in grimy snot. Repeatedly. Also, a man in a suit of armour get crispy fried by bare breasted giant female statues who can see…

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Monster Mondays: Gmork (Neverending Story 1984)

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