Monster Monday: Lord of Tears (2013) AKA Owlman

Slenderman scares begat owlman freakiness…must buy this. Must. This will creep you to your core….give it a chance. This isn’t frickin’ Saw 9, thank goodness. Some good Lovecraftian horror here.

The Haunted Eyeball

First of all, thank you to Mike at the Lovecraft ezine for sending this to my inbox. Thanks for sleepless nights. Really.

The Lord of Tears is coming soon, a ‘low budget horror’ directed by Lawrie Brewster, also involving David Schofield, a veteran genre actor and craggy faced genre favourite from American Werewolf In London among many, many others.

Funded by Kickstarter, this has the potential to be extremely effective. A man in the Scottish Highlands is menaced by a childhood terror, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Slenderman, which they have, improbably, made even scarier.

This is a monster that really shouldn’t be that scary. It utililises the dread horror of the Slenderman, and yes, the Slenderman is already pretty unnerving. It’s the internet boogeyman meme that just won’t die, that’s bad enough.

But then, egad, it makes it worse. So much worse. The trailer creates…

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Monster Monday: Lord of Tears (2013) AKA Owlman