Friday Fictioneers: Evidence

Glad to have a chance to work on Fictioneering this week, with inspiration care of Lora Mitchell’s intriguing photograph. This began as a straightforward take on the idea, then it mutated into a piece of a story which I now want to develop into something longer. Hmm, maybe if I write fast…

Thank you to Rochelle Wissoff-Fields for hosting the challenge, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the stories, or as many as you can, via the little blue frog!

Lora Mitchell
Lilies by Lora Mitchell


I showed Victoria’s mother the video. The camera slid tastefully from frozen cityscape and exuberant lilies to the frantic slewing of innocence on the bed. After watching Vicky with all four men, her fingers clenched and nails drew blood, she said, “Tell me where they are.”

“In return for the Heart. Lady Devere”

She bared her fangs.

“How dare you.” She was a tremble away from tearing me apart.

“Remember who I work for.”

Her eyes shone red. “Very well, Rat. It’s yours. Now tell.”

I nearly felt sympathy for Victoria’s lovers. But they didn’t have my Heart.

Too bad.

Friday Fictioneers: Evidence

13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Evidence

  1. Reblogged this on JKNeilson's Haunted Eyeball and commented:

    New Friday Fictioneer story with an urban fantasy twist, sort of. Not what I’d usually do, strangely. Not a tentacle in sight. I’ve also, updated my own header photo on this blog page. Now they’re both unique, although it almost looks too much like any other one by WordPress.


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