Friday Fictioneers: Dilapidated Shack

Friday Fictioneers

Flash fiction, dilapidated old house
Friday Fictioneer challenge

Though it’s been a while since my last Fictioneering, I’ve missed the discipline and mental exercise, and flat out fun of connecting to other writers with the same goal. It’s also moved, since the last time I did this, to here , at a colourful blog owned by Rochelle Wissoff-Fields.

And I’ve wondered, what can’t  you write about a dilapidated old shack? Lots of ideas surged! I’ve missed this. In fact, I’ve missed it so much I’ve done three entries this time.  Hope you like them, thank you for reading 🙂 comments welcome, I’ll aim to get to yours before the weekend is over!


Slashed Out

Jack o’lanterns flicker inside the old shack. Five teenagers are giggling, necking and drinking piss-weak beer, and clouds of pot smoke wafts from the slashed shed wall, giving me unwanted buzz. They’re so absorbed in each other they have no idea I’m waiting outside. Not long now. My axe is sharp and ready. One girl’s bladder gives up and she saunters from the pumpkin’s glow. She’s small, blonde and determined looking. I attack, axe swinging. Before I hit her, I’m surrounded by the teenagers. They’re brandishing guns and sharp sticks, even the blonde wields an axe. This isn’t bloody fai…


I’m going to keep watching that broken down old wreck of a building. No, don’t try and stop me. I’ll stay here as long as it takes. Because five days ago, under the full moon – and yes I’d had a few beers – but I swear on my children’s lives, that I saw it turn into a goddamn castle. Golden flags, gleaming white towers, the works. Fine, laugh at me and canter on by. I don’t need you to believe me. But how else do you explain the trumpets on a cold night, or the crown in the street that time?

Meat and Poetry

The madwoman lived alone in the shack, and everyone mocked her. She didn’t care. She bought milk and meat in town, while muttering glorious poetry, until cruel children threw stones that struck her head.  After that no one in town saw her for a good few days. Then a vast parade of purposeful cats filed up to her hovel. Curious folk that followed were amazed when the cats bore the madwoman’s corpse from the shack and out to the dark woods. When they saw her again in town, buying meat, singing poetry, not one stone was thrown.

Friday Fictioneers: Dilapidated Shack

24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Dilapidated Shack

  1. Dear Joanna,
    I guess welcome back is in order. Also I’d urge you to link up to the list by clicking the blue froggy tab to the left of the picture. It’s something Madison started before she passed the baton to me. 😉
    I like your third story the best. Convoluted and creepy. Nice story elements.


  2. Welcome back, Joanna. I like the first story because it turns the tables (or other weapons) on the usual ax murderer scenario where teens (either babysitting or at camp) or attractive women or old people get killed with distressing regularity.

    May your weekend be ax-free, no matter which side you’re on,



  3. petrujviljoen says:

    I like the second one the best purely because I had my fill of creepy stories by just about everybody. Besides, it’s a wonderfully possible idea.


    1. Thank you ! I felt I’d ‘warmed up’ by then, this was the evolution of the ideas this prompt inspired. Really glad you liked it. I love editing down the 100 words to get the best effect, and that includes length of sentences to try and adjust emotion in the tiny scrap of a story.


  4. ellynvv says:

    I like your take on these stories, love the nasty twist of the third one, very creative. Enjoyed the image of the castle as well, but I’m a sucker for these things- bring on the moon on the banners and a knightly horn in the distance. Good job, I’ll look forward to more of these in the future!


    1. Thank you 🙂 really glad you liked them. I felt the shack offered so many options, but couldn’t resist the idea of the castle seen only by a drunk on a moonlit night. Looking forward to reading more of yours, too, can’t wait til Wednesday’s prompt to see what comes next!


  5. thevixenfiction says:

    Well you certainly did miss it and I have a feeling you could of written twenty more.. and all of them as superb as these three.. I look forward to seeing you around the flashing world more often…xx


  6. Welcome back Joanna. The hook in your first story certainly caught me by surprise. I wonder what exactly was the fluld of choice for the drinker in story two. Story three was kind of creepy and puts me in mind of the Catwoman movie theme.


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