Flash Fiction Friday: Fishin’

Time to try again. I had a few distractions last week, but now I’m back on the horse, resaddling the old keyboard, hopping behind the monitor….you get the idea.

Also, this week I ended up proving to myself I don’t just have to write horror in response to these prompts. Horror is fun, but this is a different approach. Possibly it reflects my need for a quiet moment inbetween working at the day job, and writing for myself.

Madison Woods provided the prompt for this story with the photograph below, and her entry and everyone else’s can be found here! I’ll be checking them out later today and over this long, glorious Bank Holiday Easter weekend.

Sunrise at War Eagle flash fiction Friday prompt, Madison Woods
Sunrise at War Eagle by Madison Woods


Something rose up and flopped heavily while I dozed, my fishing rod doing all the hard work as bait dangled in the current, me and the worm both drifting. I woke immediately as multiple ripples worried the muddy sandbank and soaked my bare foot. Startled, I saw an otter scurry on to the opposite bank, squeaking indignantly. Then my rod snapped. I spotted a glimmering slice of gold curving through the water. As the low sun spread its evening shadows, the shining scales faded away and finally disappeared. A hell of a fish. Tomorrow, I’ll buy a bigger net.


The rest of my entries for the Friday prompts, and for the Thursday challenges by Quill Shiv, are over here or please click on Writing Challenges on the links bar above. Happy reading!

Flash Fiction Friday: Fishin’

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: Fishin’

  1. You’ve written this perfectly I think. A feeling of tranquility came over me as I read and I had a very clear image of the scene. I love the ripples ‘worrying’ the bank and the ‘glmmering slice of gold’. Such very talented writing and very lovely imagery. On this alone, I am a fan 🙂

    Here’s my story this week, also a return to the Fictioneers following a break 🙂



  2. Madison Woods says:

    Loved your more reflective and calm piece, Joanna 🙂 I wouldn’t have felt very calm and relaxed after seeing that fish get away though, haha, I might have been shouting at it as it swam away.


  3. Lora Mitchell says:

    Loved this… It reminded me of my dad who used to take me fishing. I hated fishing but loved those quiet, peaceful Saturday afternoons spent with him. You have some lovely images here.
    Thank you for leaving your sweet comment on my blog.


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