Flash Fiction Friday: Cellar Wall

Cellar Wall (from Madison Woods)

Cellar Wall

They’re coming for me.  Tripping over a calico tom, I fell hard down the stairs. Luckily the cellar door swung shut. Now I cannot move, or cry out; can’t do anything except watch dirt fall away from stone. I hear their paws scrabble eagerly at loosening soil, and a steady purring. The soft sound of cats. I didn’t know about Ulthar’s rule when I moved here, and didn’t mean to kill that kitten under my heel as it demanded milk. Now I see a whisker. An ear. Bared teeth. The Ulthar cats are through the wall, and they are hungry.


Another one for H P Lovecraft fans. Check out the story that inspired it here. Maybe one week my 100 words will be less gruesome, but not this time! I feel that there’s a bit more dread this time round. However, it’s ultimately hard to feel much sympathy for a kitten killer, even if it was ‘by accident’.

Original photo prompt is here on Madison Wood’s site.

Here’s Madison’s own entry for this week – Cellar Walls.

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Flash Fiction Friday: Cellar Wall

29 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: Cellar Wall

    1. Thank you! Yes, I like it when cats manage to get their own back…far too many people out there cruel to kitties. Still undecided if this person meant it or not. If it existed, Ulthar would be my first holiday destination!


  1. Hi Joanna,
    I live with a whole bunch of cats, so if you don’t hear from me again . . . Loved your story. Very creative, imaginative. Did you know that calico toms are extremely rare? I’ve never seen one. Don’t know if this is a coincidence on your part, or if you are a highly knowledgable crazy cat woman, like the one I live with. Thanks for a great story!
    Here’s mine: http://bridgesareforburning.wordpress.com/


  2. Dear Joanna,

    Thank you for turning me on the the Ulthar cats. i don’t know of the story but will be visiting it and its history soon. You put together a story complete on its own, regardless of any connection to an origin fable. Vivid and compelling, i felt no sympathy for your MC and every sympathy for the poor kitten that died underfoot.




  3. Knowing nothing of this Ulthar story beforehand, I’ve now learned something new today! Your story is great – full of a sense of foreboding. You ramp up the tension very well, resulting in the potential for a very grim end to this particular cat-killer’s life! Great story.
    Not sure I’ll look at my brother’s cats the same way, mind…


  4. Ah, Dagonbytes! I love the intro to that site!

    Interesting that you went with The Cats of Ulthar and not The Rats in the Wall, though I suppose that would’ve been a bit too obvious. Regardless, the end result is very cool. It puts me in mind of a X-Files episode that featured murderous cats roaming the sewers, emerging randomly to kill people. Not one of the better episodes, but it was fun to see Scully tangling with an obviously animatronic feline! I haven’t read many of Lovecraft’s Dunsanian tales. I aim to correct that when I get the time.

    PS: As a Lovecraft fan, you may enjoy this – all of his works in one handy PDF.


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