Flash Fiction Friday: Bloody Jewels

It’s that time again. I don’t know if almost three weeks almost in a row counts as a habit, but it can’t hurt. I think this is going pretty well. I was overwhelmed by the positive responses to ‘Reading the Bones’ last week, I had an unprecedented number of hits which I’m very pleased by.

So first, thank you Madison Woods!

Secondly, make sure you check out her story for this week, and all the others if you can (there will probably be lots!).

Thirdly, this time I will make sure I respond more thoroughly to everyone and check out all the others. I’m really excited to see how these Flash Fiction Fridays are catching on! Everyone who responds with feedback, or a like, or who even reads the thing, thank you!

My response this Friday has gone a bit Tales from the Crypt with a dash of…well, that would be spoiling it. See what you think. Also, the comments button is tucked away at the top of the post. I really must get this site rebooted. Still, early days.

I hope you enjoy the story!

Bloody Jewels

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'Jewels' by Madison Woods
“Where are the real jewels, lady?” the thief snarled.

“You shot my husband,” she said, the carpet beneath the corpse turning ruby red.

“Tell me where they are!” He pressed the gun barrel hard against her forehead. Her emerald eyes blazed up at him.

“All right,” she said coldly, “Herbert, tell him where they are.”

“Under…the…fireplace…” A voice rattled.

The thief jerked round and something touched his foot. The hungry corpse immediately gnawed through his knee. The thief screamed and Mrs West kicked him backwards. She smiled. It was a long time since Herbert had enjoyed a good feed.

Flash Fiction Friday: Bloody Jewels

47 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: Bloody Jewels

    1. Thanks Sandra, really glad you liked and and for picking up on the little ’emerald and ruby’ references. Thought it was apt, grin. Enjoy your Friday! I liked your story too, also very dark.


  1. It sounds like a zombie story. Is it a zombie story? Herbert sounded like a zombie. (Imagine that.)

    I thought it was a great story. Of course, the thief idea seems to be a common one, and you did it well. But also, I like how you used the appearance of the jewels (the seeming fakery) to feed the story.

    I tried to do that, but I ended up scrapping it. Anyway, I like the version that I went with far better.



    1. Thanks Jan, couldn’t resist putting that spin on it. These short stories are excellent for playing out some ideas and the Tales from the Crypt payoff really felt right. I liked your poem, too, and hope you get inspired to do a full length response next week.
      Enjoy your Friday :-)!


  2. I do love a good zombie tale, so this was right up my street! Loved it as a neat twist at the end, brought out a grin – though not sure what that says about my twisted sense of humour!

    Great stuff.


  3. Dear Joanna,

    Good story about a hapless jewell thief. Loved the references to gemstones and the brilliant colors their names evoked. One imperfection in your diamond, a tiny one, but perhaps you’ll agree, is that the word ‘gnawed’ does not go with the word ‘immediately’. I believe another more powerful word would convey the thought better.





    1. Thank you Doug, I’m glad you liked it and your feedback is extremely useful, One thing about these 100 words, you definitely can’t rush them. These are often like mini sketches. sometimes just right, other times with a flaw or two. But it’s all good practice, and it reminds me to make sure the strongest words get onto the page for this week.

      Off to leave a comment on yours’ now, which sent a chill down my spine – a scary and possible dystopia is summed up most effectively.


  4. Madison Woods says:

    That was most unusual so far, LOL, gross and humorous at the same time! Very interesting twist and I like how you moved into it without giving us whiplash.


    1. Catching up on some comments this morning – yes, Doug’s right. You’d think with all the Twitter messages it’d be second nature to whittle the words needed, grin. I like the suggestion very much. Looking forward to trying out your Flash Fiction Faction for this Thursday, too!


  5. Gotta say, I loved this! Brilliant twist in the tale that immediately took me back to the hazards of the early Resident Evil games, namely getting too close to supposedly dead bodies. It brought a smile to this survival horror nuts face. A smile which widened into a broad, cheesy grin when I noticed the name. I now have a very memorable, if slightly plagiarised theme playing in my head…


    1. Thank you! Oh yes, loved that bit in the Resi games when you’d innocently walk past and the undead would start ‘nom-nom-nomming- on your leg. Ick. I liked the ‘kick off their head’ move you could pull off, there. LOL. I also adore the – ahem – ‘lifted’ theme from good old ‘Psycho’, hehe. Wonder if I can get every 100 word story to come back to Mr West. Many thanks for the comment, which brought a cheesy grin to MY face, too 😀


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