Asteroid Blues resurrected

It’s true, writing involves gestation time, like baby chicks, bread, and monsters inside John Hurt. Last night inspiration decided to recur, and Asteroid Blues has a story I’m actually excited about, and it seems to be making sense at last. It takes a while to plug into the characters, sometimes, to actually LISTEN to what they want, and the poor sods also needed a decent story to hang off – or I needed to HEAR that story. Anyway, I think we’ve made it. Writing will burn on full this evening.

I swear I would have woken up to start it early this morning, before work, but sadly the cat decided to hack up an especially gloopy furball at about 4am. Thanks, Moz. Kept damage down to one bath mat at a wipe clean tile. She looks so sad once she’s done it, like a fluffy, slightly ill little chicken.

So she’s all right and I’m certaily not blaming her. But when is the best time to write? Well, ‘any time at all’, should be the answer. In reality it’s more like – when I have a quiet moment. When I’m not knackered. When I’m not rushing out the door to work.

No more excuses. Gotta get on with this.

Asteroid Blues resurrected

2 thoughts on “Asteroid Blues resurrected

    1. Hello! Thank you 🙂 it’s lovely to get feedback!
      Yes, knackered is a real word, more popular in the UK I think. Trying hard to get this story off the ground, and I keep inching towards a better incarnation of it, so I’m going to keep downing the coffee and typing away until it clicks. Nearly there, I think.
      Honestly, it’s good to just keep going. Lots of other stories are beckoning at me on the way there, too. Always to better to have loads of ideas than none, right?


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