When in doubt…

When in writing doubt, anyway, I’ve decided to do what I do with books and open up another.

I thought Asteroid Blues was going well but what do I know? I’m only writing it! It hasn’t exactly ground to a halt, but Blues is certainly being a dfificult birth. It might have to be a caeserean, or at the least be in there a few more days. Annoyed, but this is a learning – or a relearning – experience after all. They say it’s easier after the first one, right?

And because of this, I’m giving myself a straightforward little horror to try out, working title ‘Sleepers in the Sand’. A boy, a girl and a mysterious cove in Cornwall. Very promising. It’s as though I’m trying out styles that have intrigued me amongst all the books I’ve been reading. I’m still seeing a lot of this as a big purge towards getting back to GOOD writing. That’s where ‘Sleepers in the Sand’ is coming from, anyway. Channeling my Clive Barker, Brian Lumley and a dash of Ramsey Campbell here. All very derivative, but fun, I hope. Short and poisonous, and readable, let’s not ignore that important necessity.

When in doubt…

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